Mainstays 30 inch round fire pit/Walmart

First impression of the Mainstays 30″ round fire pit.
I say “um” a lot…


Ball n Shoes says:

Thank you for this! It was really helpful and I didn’t know what the nifty tool was for before I watched your tutorial. Thank you so much :))))

Erim Emre Baran says:

Thank you for your friendly videos . I feel like I am doing the tings you do with you.
I wish I could …
I hope you have a long healty life and many videos of thigs that I can not do.
Thank you sir.

Jewels Brown says:

Just ordered mine cant wait

filoIII says:

I’ve heard this needs high temp paint.

vandaley says:

i love this cheap fire pit, just keep it out of the rain and it will last a long time.

seattwa says:

How is it holding up?

hoosierarcher says:

At first blush I would say I would either make the hole in the bottom of the fire bowl bigger or add a few more, I would also see if the grill from my Webber would fit on top so I could cook over the coals of the fire.

tick tock says:

Can this be used it as a grill?


was going to order one thanks to you I will just pick one up at walmart thanks

Steven Long says:

seems to me like it should come with a second bowl to put under the first on that bottom ring. I get that the hole is there to allow oxygen to circulate and keep the fire burning well (though I doubt it is needed) but to me it seems a bit of a risk of embers falling through and lighting grass up under it.

Explorer812 says:

I know they say only use wood for this firepit. But what would happen if you used alcohol or something to start the fire and keep it going good? Would it burn a hole in it?

Tim W. says:

Would it be safe to use on a deck? Also does it pop hot embers out. Enjoyed the video

Marvy Miller says:

great deal for the buck!

The Wild Wolf Girl says:

i have that EXACT same fire pit so its easier for me to use it

Junior Ortiz says:

letsgetoutdoorstoday so how is the fire pit did it hold up?

Stinky Puppie says:

If I have a brand new clean fire pit, I was watching documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi and a chef is cooking fish with straw and fire, made me wonder if there are any reasons not to use the fire from the pit to cook on?

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