How to Turn Your Charcoal Grill into a Smoker – CHOW Tip Senior Food Editor Jill Santopietro recommends that you smoke all sorts of things: fish, cheese, salt, and, of course, meat. And you don’t need a fancy smoking device: You can smoke food on a basic kettle grill. It’s really easy.
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If you have a grill then you have a smoker. First thing you’re going to do is soak the wood chips for fifteen minutes to a half hour. You can use apple, cherry woods, cedar wood, hickory, mesquite, there’s so many different kinds of woods and all those woods can flavor. Then you’re going to take unlit charcoal and dump it over to one side. Pick up one cup of the soaked wood chips. Shake off the water and you’re going to place them right on this unlit charcoal. Light up some more charcoal and dump that on top of the unlit charcoal. And you’re going to take another, about cup of the damp wood chips and place them right on the top there. Now you need to grab your drip pan and you’re going to place it next to the charcoal. Put the cooking grate over the burning charcoal and the drip pan. Next you’re going to take this aluminum loaf pan and fill it with water. This is going to keep the temperature of the grill down to 250, 300, instead of getting up to 400, 500. And then you’re ready to let it preheat. Place the thermometer right in one of the vents and you’re going to wait twenty minutes. Once it’s at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit you know it’s hot enough. Place your cooking item next to the aluminum pan and away from the heat. You’re going to place the top on, making sure that the vents are over whatever you’re cooking because if the vents are over the flame the smoke will just go out. Smoking doesn’t have to take three hours. It can for bit pieces of bone but it can take as little as twenty minutes for a piece of fish or you can smoke cheese, you can smoke foie gras, you can smoke nuts, salt, you can smoke anything really.


Laura Grace says:

This is the best tips video I have seen in awhile. I’ll be smoking brisket tonight. Thanks!

MrCodmw3champ says:

you can even smoke yourself

John Edwards says:

Way to make an easy job hard, just split some suitable wood into pieces 3 inches long and thick as a mans fingers make a fire with the sticks make a pile about the size of the charcoal she had once the wood is 1/4 consumed and some charcoal is formed then put the fish on put the lid on with top and bottom vents open and leave for one hour job done no need for trays of water or soaking chips etc etc. I rub the fish with 50/50 salt and brown sugar and refrigerate overnight first.

Vito Mariani says:

Can you smoke weed?

MrCodmw3champ says:

Dude! U are so right

Marty Lynchian says:

What about Marijuana? Can you smoke that?  If so, I will throw your ass in jail and throw away the key.

Jay Stoner says:

Better smoke a brisket too ’cause your going to be hungry after smokin’ that weed.

MyWisdomTeethHurt says:

Can you use morning wood?


Can you smoke weed?

Duca Schoenberg says:

Go to Woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself.

Cool Shop Projects says:

useless. You never want to see that white smoke coming out, you only want a thin blue smoke, white smoke gives the food a chemical taste.

gttb78 says:

ever hear of cold smoking? if cooking a large piece of meat (pork shoulder or brisket)… just put the meat on the grill from the beginning rather than waiting for the grill to reach the temp of 250. you will have more smoke penetration creating a better BBQ for everyone.

Tommy Walker says:

No, just no

SuperTugz says:

Actually I tried this and it really worked. Definitely gave my smoked sausages a southwestern kick!

BT says:

She used too many wood chips. That grills is spewing out too much smoke. 

gerry3x says:

I’d like to smoke a turkey but I don’t have papers big enough

Elder Trolls says:

I’d put my meat in her smoker

Brian Parker says:

I can smoke my nuts

Antonetta Kowalewski says:

Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already 🙂

Akiff Hssn says:

She smiled when she said “you can smoke Nuts” Lol

Pistachio says:

I followed this to the best of my ability on the Weber grill I have and the smoked salmon came out wonderfully. Thank you!

Raymond Licardo says:

you can smoke anything? XD

Rod Fuller says:

You can smoke Molly

Chris Hull says:

you can smoke my nuts sweetie:)

John Kimble says:

Never smoke with cedar! You should use only hardwoods for smoking purposes. Fish can be cooked on top of a cedar plank but you don’t want to smoke with it.

Also, use wood chunks instead of soaked chips. You should be aiming for a thin stream of “blue” smoke, not billowing clouds of white or black smoke, which will produce acrid flavors.

HiddenTreasuresEnt says:


william kirkgaard says:

Yeah but you shouldn’t smoke meth lol. When you say a cup do you mean the actual measurement or a handful?

Kiba W says:

Lol, not regular cheese xD

Hoogic says:

damn pro lady

Mike Barboza says:

You can smoke weed

Bryan Flores says:

“you can smoke anything really” ain’t that the truth

Paulpaul says:

WAAAAY too many smoke chips. DON’T put that many in. Maybe 2-3 chips is all you need every 15 min or so.

Cody Younge says:

can you smoke Doritos consomme?

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