How To Start your weber charcoal grill – How To light a barbecue – Chimney Fire Starter

This video will show you how to start your barbecue the right way. It will also show you how to use a chimney fire starter. Check it out and learn how to barbecue right. Also check out my blog http://PITMASTERX.COM

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Manny Gamboa says:

Un puto papel con aceite, encendedor y un ventilador y en 10 minutos está listo el carbón jajaja

jason hullihen says:

can you get those briquets in the united states.??? those are new.???

Larry Willis says:

Why buy starter cubes when two pages of weekly store ads, delivered to your mailbox for free, will do just fine in your Weber Vortex fire chimney? (time: in 15 min’s.) It’s a no brainer !

Everett Hill says:

…music drove me to shut it off

radigass says:

Awesome! Where can I buy one of those jugs?

Kurt Meyer says:

bonne technique mais celle des papiers enroulés sur une bouteille me parait tout aussi bonne bravo quand meme

Keri Young says:


twitchster77 says:

Me and my dad are complete charcoal grilling noobs/idiots (lol!) and were getting so frustrated our first attempt to grill. We were up in the mountains so we couldn’t just go run to the store to buy lighter fluid or anything, and of course we had to buy the cheapest charcoal we could find.
We ended up giving up that night and just opened over an open fire (god damn did our steaks turn out amazing though! So rich in smokey flavor!!).
Anyhow, I found one of these chimneys on sale for under $3…and we were amazed at how much easier grill became! Fantastic!!
Thanks for the great video 😀

Sigpilot97 says:

Pit master, where did you get that propane lighter? Cigar storer?

aris1234 says:

Never seen square briquettes before. What kind are they?

Keri Young says:

I happen to have no oven but I have a charcoal grill . Thanks

Otelio Garcia says:

what happened to all that fire? flared off?

Jaime Palomino says:

5 soaked cotton balls in 91 isopropyl works best for me.

Edvin Iljazovic says:

or just use a blow dryer its faster

elrabbitsbbq says:

yep that’s how it’s done.

fredytray77139 says:

better launch with free paper mail and free wood basket from city market.

Keri Young says:

Can you do a video on ‘to turn a charcoal grill into a sort of oven ‘?

Mother's BBQ says:

Nice. I started using the starter cubes myself..Really like them.

Neil Martin says:

Need to cut down on bbq smoke in my condo complex. Anyone know if the Weber cubes create less smoke than using newspaper as fuel.
The paper makes a ton of smoke.

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

Problem solving, Root Boy= not enough beer- solution, LaGunitas Censored.

michael landry says:

I think the microwave could do it in 5mins! (Lol) great video Roel, I always use the chimney.

Ike says:

I used to use regular charcoal and a blow dryer. I can make the charcoal ready faster then the chimney starter o any other techniques here…! Then I got rid of my both grills after reading about carbon monoxide and all other chemicals sticking on the food and how we suppose to actually cook with the heat not actual fire etc… I eat less meat and eat lighter because when I would burn the grill omg…. mushrooms, peppers, corn, meat, chicken, potato dipped in charcoal, hallumi cheese…. a to z…. even make tea or turkish coffee…. not anymore…

john balogna says:

Better yet crumple up a few sheets of old news paper that was squirted with a small amount of cooking oil. put under chimney with a load of lump or kinsford on top in 15 20 min you have red hot with white ash coals ready to cook!!!

Nick Tan says:

this is so wonderful! the chimney method is great!

Constant Hunger says:

Man, I have that same chimney starter, same brand, same model…’s an amazing product, where did you buy it? I use it the same way you do, it really changed my life. Have an awesome bbq season.

Slippery Chicken BBQ says:

I use the starter cubes now too it makes things easier.  what is that lighter (torch) you use.  

Thermomaster3000 Promotions says:

Some very useful tips in this video, thanks

Joe Bobby says:

Starter cubes I understand, but what is the point of the extra charcoal at the bottom? How long do you expect to be grilling? All day? I doubt anyone needs that many coals just for a few burgers or chicken breasts. And that’s what you use the chimney for in the first place… to heat the coals more evenly and easily, not to add to the work you already do.

Thanks for the info, but for my purposes might be just a tad overkill.

Violama says:

I feel like a real man watching this

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