How To Smoke Chicken

Smoking 2 chickens and 2 pork tenderloins for dinner.


sam kashou says:

Focus man. Focus. Most of your shots are out of focus.

Dalton Hart says:

Im with you on the Montreal Steak seasoning 

Shawn G says:

I freaking love this guy

Dr. Wayne Manzo says:

In Los Angeles somebody is leaving large shipping boxes containing what appears to be Smoking Barbecue Grills that look like little nuclear reactors. After the Bomb Squad has been called to over a dozen locations it has become a bit of a joke and
an article appears in the LA Times saying that the person claims that LA County is owned by dirty jews and they have changed the people and that nobody barbecues any more indicating that they are not real people and that LA is pissing away 10 Billion a year building jewish real estate when it should be used for barbecues and
block parties and for helping the poor Human Gentiles.
Of course nobody understands the article until LA PD Bomb Squad officers Bruno and Leo originally from the ghettos of Jersey City are called to
a large box containing what appears to be a large smoker barbecue grill outside
the Banana Republic store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. The LA Live and the Network TV Trucks are there and Bruno and Leo decide to ham it up bringing bags of Oscar Meyer Weiners and Baby Back Ribs__Bruno sarcastically saying “Maybe we should barbecue more in LA” but when he tries to move the box
he find it must way 2 or 3 tons. Carefully removing the cardboard reveals a Smoker Barbecue Grill just like the rest but when Leo approaches with some charcoal and hickory wood, Bruno tries to open the grill door when suddenly what appears to be an LCD screen lights up and says “Device Armed” it then says “I’d like to play a game with Detective Mc-Klan”! You have 1 day to transfer the money to the Deutsche bank or LA gets Barbecued!

Matthew Ullring says:

Thank you for this video. It was very helpful!

rg1599 says:

Where is the money shot? Show how the meat looks when you slice it and taste it next time. Thanks for the video.

Chaplain Bill says:

I sure enjoyed this, loved your humor too. Today I’ll be smoking a pork loin roast.

AnDy MaXiMuS says:

This guy is hilarious

Gabriel Bennett says:

I did an 11 lb turkey on my offset smoker for Thanksgiving last year and the little pop-out thermometer never popped out on mine, either, even though the bird was cooked-through (as verified by my instant-read thermometer).

david grier says:

Horrible sin!!!!!! Lighter fluid?? Huge BBQ sin.

Tulsaguy123 says:

You gotta get a chiminey to start your charcoal my friend ! It’s the only way to go.

Roscoe TeleShack says:

lot of beer in the recipe…

Emm Ce says:

glad I stumbled upon this video… valuable info!, thanks

StormLaker1975 says:

Saw the title, and thought of an old joke an old friend told me one day when I told him I was going to smoke a turkey. He said  “Smoke a Turkey?” “They’re kinda hard to light up aren’t they?” I know…buh dump ching, lol. Great video, I like to smoke my chickens out on our Weber grill with some brine that coincidentally my aforementioned friend sells to me out of his business, lol. 

Robert Thompson says:

Good job Eric. I was chuckling to myself while learning.

James Nicholas West says:

Deepest condolences at the loss of your dog, I lost my Tibetan Spaniel around the same time. Great review

Angela Reingoud says:

Your sink is clean, you washed your meat…..Chef, I eat your food anytime …

T&S says:

What did you use to pick up the meat once they were ready?

Mike Lysic says:

I have the same smoker. Personally I prefer lump charcoal and use a chimney starter. And my smoker has been modified with regular tempurature guages that read degrees. And a solution to your grease dripping problem…put aluminum roasting pans from the dollar store under the food to catch the drippings(keeps your grill chamber clean), I also use an aluminum pan for a water pan to keep foods moist while smonking.

curry says:

Montreal steak sauce or the Montreal spice is by far the best out there. Sorry to the A1 fans but not to many BBQ sauce or spices compare ……….

Stan Grant says:

Great narration, sorry to hear about Bo… I have 3 Labs white, brown, and black

superque4 says:

I have the same grill and it will absolutely fit a whole pig. I smoked a 125 lb porker for the 4th. Just move the rack all the way to the bottom.

Libranitus Johnson says:

dammit, now i gotta eat something, thnx!!

Lamont Marzolf says:

You get a subscribe because of how you included your dog in the video and your love for Montreal steak

mario rodriguez says:

Nice video how you keep the temperature hit I have a hard time keeping? Tanks

perki1952 says:

Too much talking !  I switch off…  Sorry !  

gerry3x says:

Why did that charcoal light did you put something on it. Why not a chimney starter?

Gilbert Cruz says:

What!? No bugs in the firewood??? I make sure my wood is full of “em. Make for a better burn! That extra bit of fat they provide improves the smoke flavor. Beetle grubs in my mesquite fire wood is my favorite! LOL!!! Enjoyed your vid.

Owen Englin says:

Could you include the recipe for the stuffing you put in the chickens. It looks really good. Where did you check temps? in the stuffing of the breasts?

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