How to Make a Brick Grill – DIY Temporary Brick Hibachi Grill

Learn how to make a Brick Grill! Go to for more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this DIY Temporary Brick Hibachi Grill!


Geras Heracles says:

I love the way you talk…comforting voice.

George Georges says:

good idea for camping and more,

Khanh Ho says:

The Elks in my town of 9000 souls used to smoke chicken with jury-rigged brick ovens. It was a fundraiser that happened once a year and you drove through the alley behind the market and they would hand you dinner for 10 bucks. They’re probably still doing that now.

diddy 4201 says:

thats so cool, and so easy

jim davidson says:

Where to get the grates?

Antione McDaniel says:

who talks like this?

Bernard Hall says:

Narrator ruined the vid. Super annoying

The Gunner The Gunner says:

someone annonimisly sent me this video.

Aar Lekz says:

why didnt i think of this??

Jolie says:

I hate the narration…his speed of voice just irks me. His videos are always in my recommendations when I’m not even subscribed. Wish there was a way to block a channel.

samiullah shaik says:

Where are those brests u promised!

Rem says:

Hank Hill just unsubbed.

moris peter says:

simple and nice

Habiba Naz says:

The blocks layers should be more higher avoid burning.I don’t like the idea anymore.

citi24 says:

thats cool

Stewart Robertson says:

I’ll remember one thing about this video, the plants & shit about is pure gay!,cheers, Stu.

Sunny W says:

Can you use brick that have the holes or does it have to be solid to work better?

Neelu's world recipes&crafts says:

wow awesome thanks for sharing.

Kemat Singh says:

this guy’s voice is annoying af

Jackson Willson says:

can you use any kind of bricks

Nubian Voice says:

could I lay sticks over the bricks if I don’t have charcoal?

Mara Venu says:

thankyou! where to buy the grill on top?

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