How to Cook Burgers on the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill

Cooking burgers over fire can be tricky. Weather you use a charcoal or gas grill the dangers of flare ups abound when cooking grease dripping burger patties. This danger is even more perilous on a small open top grill like an hibachi style grill. Unlike some Hibachi style grills, the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill does not have handles to quickly remove the burgers en event of a flare up. It is a good idea to have a plate or platter at the ready to put the burgers on for few minutes while flames die down. Cooking thick burger patties can be even trickier.
I’ve been cooking burgers on the LSG for several years, and I’ve learned a thing or two about doing it successfully. I share what I’ve learned in this video.
In the Taste Test scene at the end, I sample the thickest of the eight burgers. It was medium well, just the way I like it. The other seven burgers were well done the way my family likes them.

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cookingwithtomtom - BBQ Recipes says:

Good to see you make a video, Big Lew! Great tip on not mashing the burgers. Another reason why I don’t like mashing on the burgers is because they dry out from doing so. But you sure didn’t have dry burgers, Big lew. Nicely done as always! 🙂

Rich's River Smokers West Virginia says:

Hey Lew great little grill! That Bama white sauce looks like it’s jammin! Great video!


I like that Lodge and the burgers looked great. had to be good. Nice job. Now pass me a burger.

Larry Stephens says:

Looking good Big Lew.  I found your channel form your comment on Mr Backwoods channel.  The ridges on the new Sportsman Grill grates are a safety feature Lodge added to support the fish frying pan.  I was messing with Mr Backwoods to see if me needed one.  I posted a pic on his Facebook page.  Just subscribed to your channel, looking forward to the new videos.

Heavy Metal Bar-B-Que says:

Thanks Lew! Reminded Me of the grilled burgers my Dad would make for us growing up. Good memories! Our grill was Solid Cast Iron and weighed a Ton!
I could smell your burgers as they were cooking! A little flare up is good flavor in my book. You Rock!!! m/ m/

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

What a cool little grill 🙂

Grewt tutorial also 🙂

Everyday BBQ says:

Those looked juicy and awesome Big Lew!! Another great show sir!

Gary C says:

No I need a burger.

Chris Ricker says:

Now I’m hungry Big Lew! Thanks big guy

Baker BBQ says:

Everybody loves burgers! And man did those look good! I love that little Lodge grill, it’s going on my Amazon wish list like right now! And the pocket knife usage is great too. I actually just used my small hunting knife when I was at camp the other week to make a burger for lunch. It was my spatula, my doneness tester, and my mayo & mustard spreader. The best part is I had just used it the day before to skin and quarter a deer! The food police would take my youtube channel away from me if they saw that, haha!!! Great video Big Lew, thanks for sharing

Dave's Skillet says:

ok put the coals one one side only this will allow you to move them away from the fire still gonna cook but without getting roasted, Enjoy!

Wayne Swicegood says:

I love mine. Heirloom quality.

elrabbitsbbq says:

That’s a great grill. Those burger are legit. Cheers brother!!

charmedbygalss25 says:

thats man cooking we cook like this n it fucking taste good that way. if some 1 mind me touching the meat its time for them to go to a restaurant to buy there feed

Texas Style Cuisine says:

Looks mighty fine Lew

Tom Horsman says:

Love it! Lookin Good Big Lew!

Tonio Yendis says:

I like a little char-flavor on mine.

Kajun Kravings says:

Awesome Video Buddy! Nice Cook Too.

Johnny-B Racer says:

Big Lew, my wife got me one for Christmas. Any tips on first time use? treating it with oil or anything like that? Wanted to ask you since you’re actually experienced using it.

Texas Style Cuisine says:

Looks mighty fine Lew

He gotta Gun says:

Just found your channel !!! I dig just subbed !!!

Biggs' Home Cookin' says:

“The Grill Thrill Is Gone”… Thanks Lew for the pointers, I know cooking burgers on my PK can be a challenge, if your not careful or quick enough… biglewbbq

PlanetPowerHD says:

Sports sports sports more sports #chuckborden

C Leh says:

This dude is old school reminds me of my uncle, doesn’t give a shit if you like that he stuck his pocket knife in the burger. You eat or you don’t lol.

Smoke Trails says:

Good looking burgers!


Nice vid Big Lew ..I love my grill as well says:

Thank you for sharing this Video..Big Lew…

Kaye's Favorite Things says:

I like that grill. Burgers look awesome!! Thanks Lew!!

Johnny-B Racer says:

LOL! ….”gimme that sauce!!!”, we think alike Big Lew! love this vid, first one of your’s I’ve ever seen, and just subscribed

Cast Iron Cooking says:

You really know your stuff. It looks delicious, that’s another nice piece of cast-iron you have there

Silverback AZ says:

@Big Lew BBQ I just purchased my Lodge Grill yesterday. I look forward to looking your videos and getting tips on how to grill with my new edition! Baseball season is right around the corner!!!

expertnmbbusinesses says:

Awesome looking burgers I remember my dad had a Sportsman grill we would have fish frys and those fish were awesome cooked on that grill had that smoky taste.

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