How to – Charcoal Kettle Barbecue Basics – No Recipe

Basic charcoal barbecue position and lighting techniques. Please ask any
questions in the comments and I’ll answer! 🙂


T B says:

Great video, very helpful… We are having a scorching summer over here in the UK so I’m dusting off the BBQ! I’m fascinated to know what kind of a camp stove you’ve using in the video as it seems to have no power source and is so compact!is it gas and you just haven’t got it attached for the filming or something else…? would love to know the brand and buy one!

Bet methods on exchanges says:

@AussieGriller hi, am also looking for a barbecue. What size is your barbecue? I want to be able to cook a whole chicken or two. Thanks

Kenney says:

 The baskets are one of my favorite tools for indirect grilling because they keep the coals from laying against the grill which makes it last longer. 

13hamos says:

great video, Happy Australia Day on Thursday…..


George Silver Hawk says:

I’m sorry, but regarding your new chimney starter, what brand is it, and can you provide a link for it?

rjrj6789 says:

Nice video well presented – thank you.

Mervyn Lowe says:


RC Junkin says:

Thanks mate!!!

Lavenderrose73 says:

I’ve never heard of those baskets before, and while I’m not one for grilling myself, I’ve sure seen others do so. Just bought an indoor stovetop grill that cooks with water (or liquid of choice) in a ring reservoir, and just used it for the first time tonight. Guess this is good to know for when I’m  out and about and only have access to a public grill and charcoal. Ever grill with wooden pellets instead?

Aussie Griller says:

@Glitchlols Thanks for getting back to me! Good luck with the cook up tonight.

Yoo Toober says:

Some good ideas. Enjoy the roo!

MrMickthemonster says:

Can you believe those savages don’t use the baskets?

Aussie Griller says:

@Glitchlols Gday Glitchlols. Not a problem mate, glad it helped. I’m also in Melb, but I’m about 45 mins away from Costco. I have heard they sell good sized ribs there. What cut of rib did you get and what do they weigh? Good to hear you liked the rub too!

Never back says:

G’day mate! lets put another shrimp on the barbie!!! 😀

Trent Austin says:

Great video. Thanks, mate 🙂

Arturo M says:

I use my charcoal (basket) holder here in Dallas, TX USA! Go Cowboys!

MrMooseful says:

great explanation, finally I understand ;D

A.S. channel says:

like from Greece!

Glitchlols says:

Thank you very much for posting this. I learnt a lot!!
I made some pulled pork yesterday night using your rub number 1, tasted great.
I’ll have to do up a batch of Ratdog’s BBQ sauce next time to go with it.
I bought some ribs from Costco (im in Melb) yesterday, and it just so happens you posted a video on how to do those too!

chaznsc says:

Excellent video on basics!

TuskanyTV says:

We use the baskets also lol

Aussie Griller says:

Sorry ATCRyderX I accidentally deleted this replying from my phone, so I’ve reposted your question. “I have a question. I got a free Charcoal Grill that friends & I have been using for ribs, hotdogs, burgers, beans etc. and it doesn’t have the piece the charcoal sits on. I do assume it had one before, but it also doesn’t have an ash hole so we use it just as that. Other than its gonna deteriorate the bottom of the grill sooner, is that OK to not have the charcoal tray?”

Nebojsa Njegovanovic says:

see you love your bbq, i cook on charcoal as much as i can and nothing beats charcoal. But also i recommend using natural charcoal, it burns much better and gives it much better flavour than those shaped thingos… Also the quickest and easiest option to light the charcoal is with some kidlings…. Light up those put charcoal on top and its burning in 15 minutes…

OldTimeyGraeme says:

Thx mate very helpful

bluenapalm123 says:

Aussie Gorilla?
Helpful video thanks.

Glitchlols says:

$13.99 a kilo at Costco for ribs. The rack I picked up is 2.5kg with a fair bit of meat on them.. just shy of $40. Cooking them up tonight!

We are up in coolaroo.. so it takes us an hour to get to Costco we go about once a month.

Aussie Griller says:

@ATCRyderX I can only speak from experience with webers, the enamel bowl would handle the heat well long term, yours may or may not depending on construction. Performance wise the only factors are lack of oxygen under the fire may result in lower temps. The extra distance from the food will make for cooler direct grilling too. It sounds like its working well for you though so these probably aren’t an issue. Enjoy it 🙂

Harley M says:

Hi, just wondering how many briquettes you use each side.. Thanks

Charlie Warlie says:

just to clarify these are coals nor charcoals. charcoals is made from wood. coal is from the earth

Anthony Wheeler says:

Good and helpful video. Thanks.

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