Edo Style Hibachi and fire tools – Japanese Charcoal Barbeque & Tea

Summer preparations for the Edo style hibachi ( 火鉢, charcoal bowl) used outdoors as a shichirin to cook food as well as make tea. Nothing has quite the flavour of slow cooked charcoal grilled food!

火箸 hibashi – fire chopsticks (to arrange the charcoal)
灰均し hainarashi – ash leveler (to rake ash and arrange sand)
鉄五徳 gotoku – tea kettle trivet (stand for a tetsubin kettle or teapot)

(the cast iron kettle/teapot has been in the family for a couple of generations, a gift from japan mom, charcoal is handmade from hardwood in our charcoal kiln)

Wire brushing the loose rust off, oiling with a coat of 100% pure tung oil, checking the bamboo nails, cleaning the Black Walnut box and copper lining, refilling the sand, and inserting the stand and trivet.

Take some time for slow food, enjoy the sea air and the company!


rkstew says:

Over time, don’t the sides of the wooden box get charred from the heat of the charcoal?

OysterPir8 says:

That was wonderful. I hope you will consider making a series of videos in this vein – recipes, etc.

BeeSeeBee says:

what’s the metal liner? copper? it would be cool if you would overlay some narration so we know what’s going on. great video as is tho!!!!

Kikz B says:

where can we buy this

GiGiGoesShopping says:

Can one buy ash ? Where does it come from other than burning logs or whatnot. Plus it looks heavish and granular. Have you used Japanese white charcoal indoors?

Charles Rousseau says:

The cast iron stands and chop sticks ect. I need for my three section hibachi table. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ronan B says:

Love it.

Soulsmithing says:

That’s a way better version than the traditional stuff 😉

ShinKyuubi says:

Very nice, I might try building one of these as a little project once I get my grandpa’s shop cleaned up enough to move in it.

Ron W says:

Interesting set up. Now I am hungry!

Kelvin labordo says:

Nice how can i get a hold of that? For sale?

Robert Almasin says:

Great stuff man.

nickwoo2 says:

May I ask what the outside dimensions of the box are. Height X Width X Length?

Crystal Salton says:

Where can I order the cast iron fire chopsticks your using???

Chris Bradford says:


miamimovies says:

How do you clean the sand once you’re done grilling?

Pinto YTvideo says:

Is there any specific type of sand that works well or could I also use very fine gravel? I would really like to make something similar to this yours looks awesome.

ismail arıcıoğlu says:


Clint Golub says:

ASMR wood working.

Mogly's Wood & Steel says:

Wow ! That’s brilliant 😀

HappyandAtheist says:

simple and clever , like many things Japaneses 🙂

Anet Namat says:

yap… i’m going to lunch…. watch this make me hungry… really nice…

phillip turner says:

keep up the good work! love the channel. PS would be nice if you spoke during the video. explanations and such. I can say as a self though knife maker from the Ottawa area, if it wasn’t for yourself and others on YouTube, the learning curve would have been much higher…no other knife makers in the area…

Tonar Silverwolf says:

so esencialy it is a japaniese grill kit

thicknight1 says:

Love your channel Dave. No rambling or out of focus shots, just peaceful observation and learning. Almost no one else has the guts not to explain everything.

ふじたゆうじ says:

This is an awesome hibachi. The pot is great as well. Is the pot stage (or the pot pod, I dont know how to say) made by you?
I’m also using one. Just love it (my kid loves it, too) https://youtu.be/dIkBYPuENAE

yeyo says:

What kind of sand is that and where can I get some .??

Norimaki Gachan says:

Could someone please give a step by step description of how this hibachi is prepared? And if possible, give the Japanese names of all tools and materials used here.
I recently acquired an antique Hibachi similar to this one and plan to make use of it 🙂
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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