DIY Brick Rocket Stove

CrazyRussianHackers video:

A rocket stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperature by ensuring a good air draft into the fire, controlled use of fuel, complete combustion of volatiles, and efficient use of the resultant heat. It has been used for cooking purposes in many energy poor locales (notably Rwandan refugee camps) as well as for space and water heating.


Raquel Costa Rodrigues says:


Mike of Indy says:

It’s called draft .

michael almanza says:

love this video, thanks for showing how its done..

AsriaDurden5558 says:

Turn all 4 top bricks sideways. Works great

MIS CHIF says:

carrying that around will be good for you tho good…. great idea

jojojeep1 says:

You couldAlso build one inside your fireplace in your home in case you have a bug in the situation you can cook right inside your fireplace chimneys going to pull a good draft

SART says:

Very nice ))) You are a very clever guy ) Greetings from Armenia )

lulutileguy says:

comrade i no use rifle on brick i use head everything else i agree salute

fizzeypop savege says:

what is the base at the bottom?

Fozia Bashir Alvi says:


richter75 says:

Fukk Putin an Fukk KGB.. But love ur vid 😀

Nadir Sami says:

Life hacks!?!?!?!?!

slop humanoid says:

Pretty much all modern cans have a plastic lining, so it’s not a good idea to use them as a pot.

Jason Victor says:

You dont need the grate for the bottom you can just put it in the ground or grand slab

PhuketBungalow Info says:

dude, a KGB Survivalist in a USArmy Jacket … hope you ate this guy 😀 😀
Be proud of your Russian Army!
Nice Vid, thx for sharing

Thomas M. says:

Bic lighter made in Bretagne, Redon !!


Very unique idea sir’ thanks for sharing 🙂

The Lieutenant says:

Two Russian guys in America uniforms

N Schmidt says:

Not even Russian, this was made in December, tell me where in Russia it doesn’t snow in December…

Hugo Hamman says:

I love the crazy russian guys!!

Mike Cade says:

Thank you, very cool.

Raquel Costa Rodrigues says:


Романыч says:

Привет, товарищи!

Brazul Blint says:

Today imma show you how to make a red brick stove. First, get bricks. Second, stack them. Bruh you gotta teach us how to make our own bricks or it’s useless

Charles Ruffing says:

Commies are pedophiles.

MIS CHIF says:

and reak your gun lol

hasnol GT says:

At first you talked like russians..few minutes later you speak americans..nice try dude..russians wannabe.hahaha


I guess that those should be refractory bricks, doesn’t them, dear comrade? Thanks.

TheMrOpium says:

KGB Survivalist in a US Marine jacket

Rizal Assura says:

what model thermometer are you using?

J Q says:

Thought he was going to say in the beginning: welcome to my laboratory where safety is number one priority.

edgar alonso cordoba hernandez says:

Fenomenal…..Muy Practico.

gary jonson says:

Hillary clinton approvved for the death

Виктор Наумов says:

Чухонец! Залей пожалуйста на родном языке.

Thomas S. says:

Super cool. Super effective. When the weather clears up I’m going out to get some bricks.

Kevin Scurlock says:

I hear some crazy Russian in the background.. he’s most likely a hacker.

MB4LUNCH says:

What about safety glasses comrades?

Mike Cade says:

This is a very cool post. Thank you. I have bricks, will build this. We subscribe.

katt2002 says:

so this is hacking? hmm.. completely different from what I knew..

Los Amigos del Oeste says:

Muy bueno

Bharti Upadhyay says:

very good pro

Ghazi Benzarti says:

KGB with us marine jacket

عاشق المملكة says:

بالعربي روعة

Marcus Rybin says:


Elizabeth Escobar says:


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