CampMaid sausages & Ribs Backyard Grilling

Today we are cooking on the CampMaid using there outdoor grill set. This is the swiss army knife of grills for camping, hunting, tailgating, Survival CampMaid is a excellent choice for a power outage. Today’s menu is cheddar sausages and ribs. My wife and i also will be trying some of the bull snort hot sauce you have to love the name Jana the smokin tonsils. This is sent to us by I do have the fire pit blazing to stay warm.


Calvin's Corner72 says:

Love to cook outside myself. Looking Good. Camp maid is Great. Thanks J-Man.
Burning Money!!!!! Oh yeah $ to burn. Fire pit is cool. I like your stump plate holders. !
Going to send you a PM FYI. OK?

southernmost homesteader says:

Cool guys, good times. ribs look good.

shovelhead8 says:

Rich American, can afford to light a fire with $100 bills. Good gag. Food looked great. Thank you for the video, Justin and Jana

David MacDougall says:

Bill Goudy, one of my favourite YouTubers recommended your channel. Looks like you have a lot of great stuff on here, so I’ve just subscribed. Take care!

JP Living Bearded says:

Looks so good!

Nathan4071 says:

Food looks good. Cheers.

Common Man Conservation says:

Looking pretty darn solid! Ribs are the best.

Nichole lakeerieprepper says:

yummo…that campmaid works nicely!

SurvivorMetalMan says:

Great video guys, food sure looked delicious and that beer mighty good. I love the spicy stuff myself. Excellent!

Wingman115 says:

Nice feast you got going on Justin! Looking good. Merry Christmas to you and Jena.

Triumph Screen Printing says:

Your burning money like it’s going out of style! Sweet ribs and sausages Brother… Watch that hot sauce or you’ll be sorry!!!

Tony Patey says:

That deer at the beginning had a nice rack, should of threw some Christmas lights on it. haha. Food looked tasty. I’m going to try and order some of the bbq sauce. I have a question, does the lid on your campmaid have room to move back and forth when it’s placed on top of the Dutch oven. Mine does, I thought it would be of a snug fit. I’m sure it’s fine, just wondering. Thanks. Tony

Outdoor Cooking with Al says:

Looking good brother !!! Yummy !!!

Dean O says:

Awesome looking eats

BillGoudy says:

Oh man, Justin…   Outstanding!!

73Forge Knives says:

Great cookout! Looked awesome, cheers!

fumasterchu12 says:

That all looked delicious J&J, that CampMaid stuff is just awesome. Thanks for taking us along, I need some bbq now. lol

sniffmoney says:

Food looks great….you 2 are awesome and have so much fun together…cool vid Happy Holidays

Wallace Vivian says:

great bbq have a great weekend

Shiny Knife says:

Yeah buddy love grilling. But I like cows better lol

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Thanks guys! Looked delish!!

Lunatic Dad says:

Sweet thumbs up

Massachusetts Prepper says:

This looks just like a backyard feast for sure. And that smoking tonsils hot sauce I thought was going to be very very hot but it turns out you guys made it look like it was kind of mild. Thanks for sharing my friends.

Jep's Outdoor Adventures says:

Man, now I’m a starving teenager! If My Mom get’s mad at me for eating everything in sight, I blame you!

3D Outdoors says:

That looked really good.

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