BioLite CampStove vs SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove – Part 1

BioLite Stove and SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove comparison.
In this comparison I wanted to see which stove is more efficient and boils water faster.

SilverFire Rocket stove’ door was closed, see 2:30 min mark


Patrick Fealy says:

Rocket Stove looses. take Rocket Stove And throw it into the ocean.

Patrick Fealy says:

its like david against goliath

ExposedRoot says:

Add the grill attachment to the Biolite then set that Silverfire on the curb for the garbage man!!!

tonyo o says:

Wood was too big and the door was open not a fair comparison, understand the product before you compare…

Ramond Rodinblat says:

Your operating the Silver Fire wrong. Your fuel is too large. The flame on the front of the fuel door is your fuel size gauge, pencil size is about perfect. You are suppose to have the fuel door closed to maximize heat and efficiency also. We are a Silver Fire dealer in Alaska and their stoves kick some biolight ass. The Scout which is a 11oz compact T.L.U.D. can and will out perform a Jet Boil when proper fuel is used. So far nothing beets a Silver Fire when it comes to value, quality and workability.   

Mark Seamans says:

Your wood is also too large as noted in the manual for the Silverfire.  That little “logo” on the face of the fire door is a size indicator.  Think pencil sized.  Others already mentioned to keep the door shut as well.  Forced air vs convection (I think that term is right) is apples and oranges.  We won’t get into the purpose of each stove. (backpacking vs. base camp)

Amongst Edibles says:

Silverfire has got a small gasifier called the scout, very compact and very efficient. Check it out

Jason Thomas says:

is this comparison for real? lol….smh!

SLFYSH says:

If you want any fire to start to burn well you must start with fine enough kindling, and fire tinder. Min certain this had influence on how well it burned in the bio lite vs your rocket stove. Apples to oranges comparison unfortunately.

C MJ says:

The Biolite has an advantage over the other. The Biolite produces power so you get more in return for the heat energy. The Biolite also has a size advantage being that it is more portable. I have a Biolite and love it. It has always amazed me how it can produce electricity from the fire and cook at the same time. It will always be my choice when camping. I do however bring a propane stove as well.

C MJ says:

These type of comparisons don’t make sense. The BioLite stove has forced air and the other one doesn’t. The BioLite can produce electricity and the rocket stove can’t. I have two of the BioLite stoves and love them. They work well. The key is to use heating wood pellets as fuel instead of wood. You can fuel the fire easier and it gets hotter and burns longer than using sticks. The Biolite is better for small meals and light camping. The Rocket stove doesn’t make sense for back packing or light camping due to it’s massive size. One can’t go wrong with BioLite. The forced air of the BioLite stove gives it an advantage over the Rocket type stoves. Both are good choices, however for totally different situations. For heavy camping BioLite makes the Base Camp stove. It is like the smaller stove, but much larger. It is about the same size as the rocket stove in this video.

Ron Preece says:

I agree with Raymond

Suzanne Ramoundos says:

Thanks so much for doing this test and although one of your viewers pointed out some error, it was extrememly helpful to us since we have a Grover Rocket stove and a Campfire solo stove.  We wondered which would work better and learned much from you and your viewers.  Thanks so much.

thegreatkoua says:

you can not win the fan stove

MrBoogy00000 says:

Good video man. Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to post.

Ilir Kumi says:

I prefer liquid fuel stoves over solid fuel stoves. Sure they may be technicaly challenging, but kerosene and gasoline burn much hotter, and longer than wood. They do not weigh that much, and require batteries like some solid fuel stoves. Liquid fuel stoves are all around bad ass. Like the SVEA123, Motor Sich PT2, even the old optiumus/primus stoves are awesome. Fuck picking up sticks.

sunstreet1000 says:

Sorry to say this looks like an incompetent comparison of what amounts to apples and oranges.  

TheAsmodeus2012 says:

Your test is deeply flawed for a number of reasons, only two of which I will outline here, as they are the most glaring issues.

1. The literature on the Silverfire website does expressly state that even though there have been many review videos done, they all seem to make the mistake of having the door open during testing and review, either because the fuel used is too long and keeps the door open, or by propping it completely open. You actually managed to make both mistakes in the same test. This ruins the oxygen feed, convection dynamics, and temperatures the burn chamber is designed to create. This results in lower burn-chamber and therefore cooking temperatures, as well as making it very inefficient.

2. Do you see that little metal thing on the door? The literature says it’s a fuel gauge. All of your fuel should be thin enough to fit into that little circle. About pencil-thin, or slightly bigger. The fuel you both started the fire with, and used throughout was too thick.

The Silverfire is essentially meant to be a disaster preparedness asset. It runs on whatever twigs, wood chips, or pine-cones that might happen to be around someone who is in that kind of situation, and needs the ability to do a fair bit of cooking safely, (think people starting fires for warmth and cooking in or around collapsed buildings) without having to carry fuel, or concern themselves with maintaining batteries for the fan used in stoves like the BioLite.

The Great Arcanum says:

You aren’t using the silverfire properly mate. The fuel size gauge is on the door. Your sticks are at least twice the optimal thickness and you left the door open!! drastically effecting efficiency. That’s why your fire didn’t start well. Sorry mate but the comparison test is void when not keeping things as equal as possible.

Michael Crumpton says:

You might get  better burning if you had the wood raised up on the Silverfire, so air can come up through the wood and it can burn more completely.

Martin Wechselberger says:

What should us such test say? You have virtualy infinit fuel and you want to see with uses less?
If you guys where really outside you would not to care how long it is take to boil water.
If you want a useful testing ask real questions! like weight, value, rilability, handling, design attributes and so on.

Cliff Ellis says:

I liked your video.  I was surprised that the BioLite did so well against the SilverFire but I think your conclusion was fair.  Its not that one stove was better its that one was designed for small cooking task and the other was designed for large cooking task.  I have the SilverFire and love it.  I will now consider getting the BioLite as well for the smaller task (that fan is a real advantage).

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