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설명How about the Log Grill (Oak Oven)?
– Secure safety of fuel
It doesn’t emit harmful substance since it is natural fuel with 100% oak
– Minimize harmful substances from grill
It is a far-infrared type which delivers heat into inside evenly from surrounding. Oil will be dropped into center where don’t have any fire. By that, it cooks inside and outside evenly without burning while grilling meat
– Possible to apply various cooking method
Existing grill with rotation – a type which put meat between charcoal firers, General barbeque grill – Cooking meat with charcoal fire by putting on a gridiron. Both are possible.
– Possible to have the best barbeque which is impossible to do with existing methods
It is possible to cook any meats such as pork belly with a lot of oil, seasoned meat, rib and fishes evenly without burning.
– Satisfied for economic feasibility and business value
Since it is made of oak, fire exists for long time (more than 3 hours). It is very economic compare with fuels which are expensive and burn very fast such as firewood, briquette, charcoal (coal briquette) and Oak wood charcoal
– Convenient for delivery, use and cleaning
It is possible to use as the Log Grill itself without roaster on the ground. Left over ashes are just natural fertilizer, so it is pretty simple to dispose.
– High satisfaction on various customers’ favour
Possible to cook with smoking – it is possible to put smoking chip or various charcoal on the product. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the best quality barbeque.
– Huge satisfaction on playing outside
It is possible to cook other cooking such as soup and stew including barbeque. It can be used as various purposes at inside and outside depends on situations. Example) Camping brazier, Fuel for campfire, firewood for heating, etc.
– Solution for impatience and convenience of use
Different with existing inconvenient briquette, charcoal and oak coal, it can ignite fire easily like firewood. Also, common firewood has to wait for long time until it becomes charcoal. However, the Log Grill can be used immediately for long time.

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