Asian Rocket Stove! Outdoor Camp Cooking Stove from Thailand

Egg frying expert Gadd D. Danno showcases his new Thai made outdoor cooking stove.


ocpd23 says:

Save some plastic for when you finish the dish off, it adds a nice flavor.

Luk Fletch says:

eggs over easy and burnt

Long isGone says:

The only bad thing I hate about using these kinds of stoves is the soot >.>

lunkerlauncher says:

the plastic will run down into the clay vents below and imbibe the grill forever with unatural plastic dude please don’t ever do that again start it with pine needles twigs just don’t use plastic also pull the video so no one else does it

Noel ponce says:

very nice

Phuong Ruth Huynh says:


Joel De La Vega says:

You sir, are a moron. Highly recommend burning plastic huh? Geesh.

Danielle Madore says:


PCCSqueezy says:

Too funny … I like my bacon crisp not my eggs …. Be fun if a hot coal pops out on to that deck!

krisalaska says:

Man! It would be easier and faster to use a striker and flint if you know what to do with them. These shitty, cheap lighters are just terrible. I own about a half a dozen of them all pretty much useless. I end up using my plumber’s torch and flint and striker for fun and kicks occasionally.

justin matthew says:

I love the part where u start using a lighter as a poker stick to moved the wood around the flames.

Arfdog says:

Eggs aren’t cooked enough

libertard snl says:

Dont use plastic

Jennifer McCabe says:

Well I don’t know about throwing the plastic inside but most of my family in thailand used these stoves to cook everything and also used for grilling meat and stuff . I would think that this is useful for people who don’t have alot of space but would want to cook outside .,

ptinio2 says:

Good stove, bad cook

Florida Man says:

You burning the plastic really bothers me….

hugo bin says:

Is it ok to inhale the plastic fumes?

Greg Dileonardo says:

I like the stove well enough but your habbit of starting it with plastic is dangerous. Plastic emmits toxic fumes because its petrolium based. I wouldnt do it paper is good enough.

Aire Lao says:

the stove called the golden rocket stove

ice heart says:

umm you know your cooking with plastic?

cc cc says:

NFI. No fucken idea. Watch that smoke infiltrate your house.

Todd's Tropicals says:

I have one of these on order, they are cool but I won’t be putting plastic in mine straight up charcoal & paper for me.

Aire Lao says:

You need to feed the woods under the grill or the open small hole

Long isGone says:

I guess I gotta hit up the Thailand supermarkets for this gem 🙂
Thank you for sharing.

Ong Nho 123 says:

Would you please advice where did you buy this ? I live at British Columbia, Canada

JordansDroid says:

You used plastic as kindling…please never grill ever again

Drone Girl says:

Wow that looks very nice! Thumbs up from Ireland! 🙂

jerjerry12345 says:

egg anybody?? NOPE

eleven0xi says:

You should soak the grill and your house with gasoline then put that broken lighter up your ass you plastic eating chemical bastard. No wonder why you’re stupid you dumb bastard, the bottom is open and you light this shit on the wooden porch, you fucking cunt. You’re a fucking disaster about to happen, who the fuck have you idea to speak you dumb shit.

Ibodnano says:

can you use this stove to build a brick pizza oven to see how well it can bake pizza dough?

taking idea from this site

Christopher Nyland says:

WHAT THE H….!!!There is something seriously wrong with our youth today

SaltyBrains says:

came to comment on burning the plastic. lol. not disappointed to find it already mentioned everywhere 🙂

E turnall says:

whats worse the Teflon
pan or the plastic

Ristee Longtran says:

Burning plastic. Genius

chris198004 says:

fucking imbecile. using plastic to start a fire! maybe use a little arsenic for flavouring while you’re at it!

Atown Rocks says:

Stupid american male

Edgar Osegueda says:

Have fun getting stomach cancer…

Timothy Freeman says:

where did you get it from?

MrChaes says:

That plastic which comes off as smoke will re polymerize when it cools. You could literally plastic coat the inside of your lungs. Never burn that stuff.

Jason S says:

I bet you eat Plastic Rice too, what a retard for using plastic for kindling… how stupid and irresponsible can you be?

Hey Buddy, stop inhaling the fumes!!!! They are making you fucking retarded dude!

dna598 says:

you absolute idiot.

Zulfikran Zulmos says:

fucking moron

Electronics DIY says:

คุณได้มาราคา เท่าไหร่

Quinn Q says:

You’re not supposed to burn plastic or use teflon over an open flame you fucking retard.

capo480 says:

You Shouldn’t be using plastic to light the fire

PCCSqueezy says:

Might as well use lighter fluid … WTF! Should poke around with the other end of the lighter for a real good fire….

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