Yoder YS640 pellet grill overview

Showing you the yoder ys 640 and the upgrades I went with


Steve Zisk says:

I received mine yesterday. Delivered by FedEx. Upon delivery the unit was completely destroyed. Another unit is on the way. Looks like a fork lift modified my cooker. Unreal….

James Porter says:

How much was the competition smoker with your upgrades?

bob lemmon says:

Damn man are you wearing wooden clogs Listening to that click clack is a pain in the ass No way I could finish

Interceptor2500 says:

What did that complete package cost? I want to order one soon.

Tom Evans says:

Looking at both ys480 and ys640. What are some of the reasons you chose to go with the ys640?

ega0117 says:

How much did your Yoder cost ya?

idahomountainelk says:

Is the new diffuser plate with the hatch standard on new grills?

barefootgarden says:

Should have waited got the next model up… Bad Ass

SinWagon2 says:

Nice Magnum 🙂

patrick holcomb says:

all the base features. purchase extras. having to disassemble to clean-out all the effort after you just want to enjoy the food. INVEST IN TIN FOIL!! what a pain in the A$$ this design is. GOT TWO DAYS TO WASTE??? get one of these poorly designed grills!! P.O.S.!

Yoder Smokers says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this video– we appreciate your thoughtful review. Welcome to #TeamYoder!

bruce lowe says:

good review, I’ve owned my Yoder ys640 for a few months now. I’ve did 5 or so smoke’s on it and a few grill’s. after 3 smokes my differ was warped (Yoder sent a replacement), the counterweight touch’s the back of the grill, this has caused the paint to come off (Yoder sent some spray paint). but the unit makes great BBQ ,etc..

Aristocob says:

Is grease an issue when you are using her in grill mode? She sure is pretty! Scott

Rashley's BorderQue says:

Congratulaions TonyBuddy, I hope you like yours as much as I like mine.

maat goodrum says:

LOL That’s not a smoker, that’s an outdoor yuppie oven that won’t even leave a smoke ring!!!!!!!!

EDCOP66 says:

Great video! where you get the black gloves at Harbor freight?

Mark Kugelman says:

Great review!
I’ve had my smoker for a year now and have exactly some of the same observations as you:
1: the cover is a waste. I wouldn’t purchase it again and just go with a generic cover.
2: the new access door diffuser should be an option. Although I purchased mine prior to this as an option, it really should be that for new orders for exactly the reasons you stated.

Curious that your dealer has the solid work shelves as standard as I do believe they are still an upgrade. The second cooking shelf is, I believe, now a standard item.

In any event, great job!

busstin1 says:

You just like having pellet smokers? i seen you have a Traeger , camp chef and yoder. Price vs performance which do you think is the best?

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