Weber Summit Charcoal Grill…”Grill of a Lifetime”

The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill (technically called the Weber Summit Grilling Center due to the Weber Performer style cart) is a brand new grill that Weber announced this week. They say it’s the combination of the Weber Smokey Mountain, the Weber Performer, and the Weber Kettle all in one.

To me, it looks a lot like the Big Green Egg XL or Kamado Joe Big Joe (except it’s made of metal) and on a Performer style cart.


gino volta says:

I’m really interested in buying the grill. Was wondering if there are any web sites that give some sort of Weber discounts or coupons?

Adam Johnsey says:

Just found your channel today and I’m already addicted… keep up the great work!


Congrats on the new grill. I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing you cooking on it. Thanks, Troy

jonesseanh says:

I am so jealous! I look forward to the unboxing video and a demo video. thanks for sharing!

mary kate conway says:

You have a serious yard!  🙂

White Thunder BBQ says:

it’s like 2 kettles put together with a large hinge….why is it 1500$…

Tommy Glick says:

You’re kind of like Chris Allingham’s snarky younger brother!

MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

A “BIG” thumbs up 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Banter says:

How is it holding up after a year? Particularly the gasket…
And… how many cooks do you estimate you have done on it?

Faron J. says:

Our store got its SGC today! Hit the salesfloor about 2pm. Wow…this thing is quite a hunk of a unit! We’re one of just a few Weber dealers that get this baby……!!

A willoughby says:

my wife is also from the Philippines. she is from Manila.

Charlie Wood says:

When  you make something perfect why change I bought my first weber 28 – 30 years ago and still works great wife bought me a new one last year and I still wont get rid of the old one they are the same thing and I think still the same price 99.99 and I cook year round in southwest PA I cook in temps from -10 to in the 90 and never have any problems the old one starting to look a little rough with all the mods to keep it together but I cant wait to see this new one working by the way close to 30 years of Thanksgiving Turkeys  plus I have a Smoky Joe almost as long I use for camping and for real small cooks

SmokeyGoodness says:

Am I gonna have to pencil in a trip up to NFM this weekend? I think so! heh heh. If I bring Mrs SG, maybe we’ll just end up with more new furniture, though (happens every time).

James Isgoed Williams says:


ASFx2600 says:

Thanks for this video. It actually helped me decide what size dolly i’ll need to be able to roll this thing across the landscape rocks and into my back yard once it’s delivered. By the way, I am emailing Weber tonight along with a link to your channel and telling them I bought the Summit Charcoal Grilling Center because of your videos 😀

Thang Long Nguyen says:

When you buy this Grill in Germany the seller is committed to deliver and built it for you…its a requirement from Weber …
Greetz from Berlin

This is Whats for Dinner says:

Gloves and such to unload your Weber with a dolly? Your videos are EDITED superbly, but this didn’t do you, as a man, justice… Pack that shit on your shoulder like a man if your gonna wear heavy duty gloves for C sake… lol. Afterall, it’s nowhere near a kamado load, especially since the insulation is nothing but an air gap in this thing. Just my 2 cents as an asshole Man.. Cheers!! 😉

Brandon says:

How much does it weigh?

Dave E says:

Sub number 701 here dude.

Carlos G says:

great grill …supremely overpriced …like most Weber products.Love em’ tho

Victor Fortin says:

Just bought a Weber Performer, love it so far.  I have used gas grill most of the time and love it also.   I seen  the Weber Summit at BBQ WORLD……awesome!!!  Theses bbq stores need to have a  defibrillator in there stores!!  Also when I was there I picked up a ThermoWorks Smoke , told the wife “Justin said one must have one” soooo, I got one.  Thanks!!  LOL.  Whish Weber would have a system for putting probes through kettles already built in,  Meaning holes predrilled with a gasket of some sort. Have not used the Smoke but not liking the idea of closing lid on probes.  What is your thought on this?

Lois Wagley says:

Your wife should do a cook on this grill…..

Yves-André St-Germain says:

i bought it yesterday, did a simple beer can chicken, the temp control is awesome, easy to raise or lower temperature

A willoughby says:

is your wife pinay?

Jeremiah Johnson says:

Sweet! I’ve been itchin for some videos on this bad boy! Can’t wait for the review and some cooks!!

Bill R says:

How can you have that beast in your yard and not run to Starbucks get cracked out on caffeine and not stay up all night to put it together!!!????

danny starre says:

How can you use an iGrill in combination with this Summit?Are there specific holes?

Hanoch Moyer says:

Hey where is my kamodo kamado review anyway?

Seasonings2taste says:

I once helped load a big green egg. I practically deadlifted it into a truck lol

Jordan Morris says:

Any idea the dimensions of the box?

Rick Kahla says:

Love your videos man! Funny and informative, keep them coming!

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