Portable Grill Challenge – Coleman Roadtrip v.s Weber Q1200

What’s a good camping trip without some good grilled food? Right?! Well we love to eat and we especially love to grill; so when it came time to pick which grill to take with us on the road, selecting the right one was a “hot” topic.

We started our RV journey with the Coleman Road Trip LXE Portable 2 burner Propane Grill – 20,00 BTU but during a recent shopping trip we purchased the Weber Q 1200 LP Gas Grill. Since we have owned and cooked on both grills we wanted to share our pro’s and con’s list for each, along with making the above comparison video because one maybe better for you… Read the full article here: http://livinlite.net/grill-challenge/

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Unboxitall says:

The cons on the coleman are minimal. The Weber Q is a phenomenal grill but I’m going to with the Coleman. Much better value not to mention it has a stand and wheels. if you’ve ever used this model you can see this review doesn’t do it justice.

DeVon Foster says:

I rarely comment on youtube videos. But this video was extremely informative and detailed (I liked how both of you gave your input). I am going to purchase a used Coleman and you helped me make that decision! Thank you for the video

Karl Ruehs says:

I’m keen on her. She’s a might bit purdy.

dnsmithnc says:

Like the Weber much better. Attractive design, efficient use of gas, just the right size for two or even four people, looks to be much more durable, very portable and easily stored.

SZNITKA88 says:

Any recommendations on how to keep the inside of the coleman low maintenance (as in easy to clean)? Would you recommend lining the bottom with foil and leave cutouts for the burner and drip hole?

Russell Roddy says:

I bought the coleman loved it so much,bought all the extras,Forgot it on the last trip then had to buy a second one when we got to Tn.Now i have one for home use also, LOL

Mike B says:

Love the video, can you tell me where you found that pop up stand that you used for the Weber grill ?

Timothy Brewer says:

Thanks for the info. We’ve been shopping for a grill. We prefer wood or charcoal over gas, so we’ve been looking at a Traeger Portable Grill. https://www.traegergrills.com/shop/grills/town-travel-portable-series/ptg/TFT17LLA.html Rumor has it they are soon to release a new and improved portable grill, so we’re now waiting to see what it develops into. Thanks again.

Wylie Dank says:

Your review was really helpful, but the one thing you didn’t mention was the difference in burners. Weber grill is a typical tube-like burner, most propane grills have. The Coleman “grill” is really a Coleman “stove.” With round burners you would find in any camping stove or gas stove. I vote for the Weber Q. Yes it is more money, but I am looking for a grill, and it is quality. Not looking for another version of a Coleman stove, which I have two of in my garage.

PartyUpLive says:

Nice video. I am looking to get the Weber Q 1200. I have all three Weber Charcoal grills and am looking to get my first gas grill for grilling in the fall and winter for something quick. I have been impressed with Weber’s quality and warranty service so I am ok with paying for that better experience.

Everyday Ape says:

Hi there,
Love the review of the Roadtrip Grill.
So much so that I embedded it on my blog https://www.everydayape.com/coleman-roadtrip-lxe/
If you have any issue with me using on my website, just let me know and I will remove it immediately.
Best wishes
Everyday Ape

Keith Wheeler says:

Has anyone in your circles considered electric grills you can find in those sizes ? no flare ups, give great flavor from smoke , clean easy no tanks just plug in , work great around house for small grill applications like your showing . Keith Wheeler , Nashville, Tn

Anthony O. says:

I was never a fan of weber, until I bought a Q2200 with stand, I have the Coleman as well and I will never carry the Coleman again, too clunky and stand is hard to get down and up without snapping. The Weber cooks evenly, consistent, and the Weber fits better under our 5th wheel basement compartment, also Weber is easy to use different types of connectors and cables, but Coleman is popular just we love our Weber, even purchased the griddle and could not be happier.

David Jewett says:

Sell them both and buy a griddle

Steve Kukuruza says:

I clicked on the video image to watch a video of “Driving the Pacific Coast Highway” but al I can get is this “grill challenge.”  What a SCAM.

Tull Wigley says:

I have been using the Coleman Roadtrip for several years. Love it. The versatility of the changeable grill pieces allow me the ability to cook a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes and in the evening grill out for dinner.

Kemo Bow says:

your uploads are great, I like the camp chief myself. not really portable, but how far away from your RV do you cook? looking forward to your next upload.

Marie Short says:

Great descriptions Well worth my time!
Clear information

Sea BrzJo says:

Great review! I’m looking for a small backyard gas grill to add to my Pit Barrel Cooker. My PBC does my “crowd cooking”, but I wanted something quick, easy, and gas for quick night dinners for two. I’ve always trusted Weber because of their warranties and customer service. Would have liked to have seen a comparison on Coleman’s warranty vs Weber’s. Again, thanks much for the well-done comparison video and …. Happy Trails.

RV Habit says:

I struggled between these two grills and finally bought the Coleman. Very pleased with my choice for all the reasons you outlined. Great video.

Steve Currington says:

I see it must be Grill review time… LOL
Check this.

BTW great reviews guy’s

Michael Shaw says:

I recently bought and assembled the Coleman grill. Wheel fell off like yours did, but almost immediately. Wheel mountings are plastic and cheaply made. I returned it and will go with the Weber. Enjoyed your video!!

Jim Morgan says:

thanks guys… I was leaning towards the Weber.. you helped me make a final decision..

Keith Roberts says:

Well, I think the Coleman grill would make a great wheel chock for your RV too.

John Allen says:

Kala is hotter than the grill on full blast!

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