Master Forge Gas Grill Review. During weather emergencies, power outages or other instances where cooking a meal or boiling water could be a issue, I recommend getting a small propane stove like this Master Forge Gas Grill. Fairly small, portable and big enough to accommodation a small family.


zamin1 khawar says:

i have quick question,,,, i have the same bbq machine with me,,,,, i was using 1 lb coleman cylinder,,,,, it was -28 few days back here in calgary, alberta canada…. i was using my bbq,,, pressure went down after 5 minutes of new propane 1 lb cylinder… i start moving / rotating cylinder by hand a bit… flame went up…. and then went down again after 3—-4 minute…. again rotate / move it by hand…. flame went up again… the third time i was doing it,,, i just thought to rotate / move a little bit more (almost 90 degree).,,, fire burnt out on the edge of the flame regulator… and suddenly fire burnt up inside the bbq machine,,,, thank god i was saved… i turned off the regulator immediately….. BUT flame kept burning inside the bbq machine…. took 2 minute to went off automatically.. what did i do wrong…. please help

My Damn Channel says:

Yea its a nice simple little unit. One word of advice though there is no adjustment on the grill height from the flame so you have to watch out for flame ups .

My Damn Channel says:

hahaha onion , I didnt realize you were in the UK, what part? Im a huge Top Gear UK fan. And as far as the Jim Beam goes I actually live like 10 min from the Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Woodford and Heaven Hill Distilleries. I live in the Bourbon Belt of Kentucky. I actually got that shirt at I work for the one of the largest Liquor whiskey bourbon and wine distributors in the US. Do you like Beam?

wagil90 says:

You might look into an adapter to refill those 1 pounders from a 20 pound bottle or even a hose to attach the grill to a 20 pounder as well. Nice video

onion21122112 says:

A proper sized pint or a USA one. Only joking, take care

deegos14 says:

Very nice unit. Although, mine came unassembled. It was a bit of a pain with a few missing parts, i.e. screws, washers. I made it work though.

My Damn Channel says:

A proper sized pint lol

My Damn Channel says:

Yea its not a bad unit, the only complaint I have is you really have to watch what your cooking since you really dont have a second rack to get away from the heat.

mixflip says:

Nice little prepper video. I wish I had bought this grill vs the char broil portable grill. I used mine on a windy day at a park and it would not stay lit. Plus I wish my lid was hinged like yours. And mine doesn’t have an ignitor built in.

I agree everyone should have a way to quickly and easy cook food and boil water in an emergency when services are down.

I have a pocket stove. A portable grill and a full size backyard 4 burner grill for fun and as my emergency preparedness gear.

Ricky Bachman says:

Was assembly easy, sir? Thanks from Canada.

Isaac Torres says:

Do you have to have a 1LB tank for these? I’m trying to light with a 20LB and it ain’t working

Veraletta Look says:

I just ordered this grill after watching your video, my daughter is going to pick it up after work tomorrow, can’t wait to see it. I’ve been looking for a cheap little grill to bring with us in our RV. This looks like it’s a nice size not to big and not to small. Thanks for sharing your post.. Oh yeah the price seems really good too…

Nick V says:

I bought this grill two years ago and its been sitting in the box ever since. I finally got around to opening the box and assembling the thing. I agree. Its a nice grill for $40 bucks. Started up on the first push and the heat is better than I expected. Nice choice for preppers, tailgating or patio grilling.

howtobeaplayer8 says:

Great video very useful I just bought my first portable grill in Georgia and it’s working out great thank you

Dave N says:

I bought the Master Chef version of this grill, which is basically the same grill, and I found the heat was weak, so I added lava rocks to my grill and now it heats up like a full size grill. 🙂

My Damn Channel says:

Sweet give me a shout when your in. Ill take you out for a pint! 🙂

SqueakyClutch says:

I just bought a
Master Chef® Portable Gas BBQ and im scared to use it because where you put the propane there is a clear opening. Seems like yours does to and there is no way to close it? Just dont understand how that wont let out propane and make the BBQ not work. Any help

My Damn Channel says:

Thats a good bit of intel thanks Sacbee 🙂

Leslie Van Dyke says:

Any idea where one can buy replacement parts (heat shield) for this grill?

aaad917 says:

I have a question
At the steel propane connector that connects the propane to the flame, do you have a hole (opening) near the ignition? From the video it looks that your grill has one. I am asking this question cause I just bought a grill that has an opening like yours and I am worried, is it safe to use that! I mean there suppose no leak of the gas from the hose and I don’t know why there is one?!
Thanks, hope to hear from you soon

onion21122112 says:

You`re in Kentucky wearing a Bushmills shirt and I`m in the Uk wearing a Jim Beam shirt. Made me smile. great BBQ by the way

Hadeel Khrais says:


SouthernBoyProud says:

Nice just pick one up from a yard sell brand new never opened for $5 bucks ….

Lapas Kiauras says:

Lol why didn’t you use your feet to measure it…

THOR6312 says:

HI I have a question that should probably be obvious to me.  I just bought this grill and am in the midst of assembling it.  On the step where you are to attach the ignition wire to the burner, I’m not really seeing where or how to make that connection.  Any suggestions would be welcome!  Thanks.

onion21122112 says:

Hi. I:m on Swansea south wales
. Was in Kentucky last year went to the makers mark distillery. Love the US back next year for another road trip. Take care. 🙂

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