KitchenAid Charcoal Grill – Seasoning & Review. Part 1. – Kasket –

August 6,2015 – Seasoning and review of the KitchenAide Charcoal Grill. Purchased at Home Depot.


ScooterDano says:

This is a great grill for smoking. Remove the right hand grill and you can snake coals around a wood box and have easy access to add more when needed. That leaves the left side available for meats. You can even have a water pan below your meats. The air gap at the height lever lets air in, and the meat is between the coals and the chimney. It’s a pretty good setup.

Lea Vohn says:

What’s the ash pan for

mjrez says:

the grate removal hand tool should go between the grates and the cross grate above the bottom hole in which fredo was using to lift the grate up. works ten times better. awesome grill

V-Groove Grill says:

We agree that it’s a fantastic grill. We bought another one and made a unique modification.

Timothy Williams says:

Hello there Kasper Thank you responding back to me Are you planning to demonstrate how to barbeque ribs on the Kitchen Aid cart Charcoal Grill ? I look forward to watch it Thank you sir.

Timothy M. Williams

Timothy Williams says:

Hello My name is Tim Williams I’m watching you Using the Kitchen Aid Cart Charcoal Grill. I understand that You’re seasoning first Are you suppose to do that everytime you begin using your Charcoal Grill Please LEt me know Thank you.
Tim Williams

William Kasper says:

One would never cook in the ash pan. It’s only for removing the ash created from the smoldering charcoal briquettes.

Random Rob says:

Non smoking smokers. Lol

K G says:

Love that old barrel grill your new grill looks nice too fancy for me. You should paint that barrel grill and a new piece of wood on the front and reinforce the bottom!

William Kasper says:

The ash pan collects ashes that have fallen from the charcoal briquettes as they burn down.

snowblo1 says:

Even though I don’t​own this exact brand if grill, I just purchased one that’s similar (a Dyna-Glo). but this video helped me alot. Thanks

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