Cuisinart Portable Grill Review

Rv Grilling – Cuisinart Table Top Grill Review – We got this awesome little table top grill. It closes up like a suit case for storage. $99 on Amazon.


Shop Picks says:

I bet the food was really tasty, felt like grabbing a bite 🙂

bryan kilbury says:

tks for the actual review … I’m ordering one today … tell us how the cleanup went ..

tks again…B

James Everett says:

kimmie koolbeans you made me hungry by cooking the kabobs 🙁

RVing Illustrated says:

Great review of the grill!

Robi Hallford America where dreams come true says:

Wow it’s really cool…And best part of this video it’s my favorite 5 guys..Thank you for share this video..Big hug for  puppies xoxo

Roland Kovalenoks says:

thank you

William Folwell Shryock Cooke says:

Well at least the grill you to bought is easy☺.

WBJ Adventures says:

Looks really good :). And i love the Dogs

The Devil says:

Good for steaks and fish

Frank LoGrande says:

Didn’t you guys notice the grill needed to be turned 180 degrees… You guys must of been hungry

Cyber Traveler says:

Great video!   The food looks good and the woobies like it too.

larinyx says:

Pleasant video to watch. I finally got it that flare ups are reduced by closing the lid. That makes sense as there is less air for the flames to feed on. Took me a few to figure that out. The design is really smart looking. It reminds me of a Star Trek shuttlecraft or drone.

Ed H says:

Well it’s been a yer now. Do you still have that grill and did it hold up for the year?

norm lor says:

beautiful Camper!!

WBJ Adventures says:

Thank you you too 🙂

Sadie Jewels says:

MMMmmm,,,looks yummy!!!  Maybe you should start doing cooking/recipe videos!

B2theBugOut says:

LMAO@ Fat Panda Dance!   Bart I’m thinkin they coulda tried more grillin to give you a complete analysis

DaddyIvo says:

LOL @ Bert breaking-out the “fine china”! Always awesome video’s from you two! I enjoy the Koolbeans Crew!

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