Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill Review

Model CGG-240. Also check out model CGG-200, the tabletop model that can have a stand also added.


Laurwithawhy says:

Great video. Question: Do you think those table top models are safe to put on a bench as you mentioned? I’ve always been afraid to use them on anything but a stand because I was afraid they would get too hot and be a fire hazard. Just wondering. Thanks!

Dawid says:

Why buy a gas bbq when u can just cook stuff inside? i mean isnt the purpose of cooking outside the distinct flavour and smell of charcoal grilled meat and veg?

Heaven Moua says:

Do u have a website where you sell things? Like hedgehogs or something?

Fastcars Barcelona says:

thanks for the quick review, i love to grill on charcoal however we dont have a house with a garden, we live in a flat with a big balcony, i just wonder if gas grills are making smoke? Usually when you fire up the charcoal, black smokes starts and turns to grayish. I want to grill by not disturbing the neighbors basically 🙂

Evan Nadeau says:

How are the turtles

Mmoonyy says:

Nice review

beech18s says:

Nice portable grill Tab. Those shish kabobs look good to.

Tony Atin says:

you should do a video on preparing this meal, how you marinate the meat etc… looks really good! I’m thinking to purchase this model, for my meal preps, grilling chicken, fish, steak etc..

sRidge R says:

Thanks for the video and I have one very important question: How hot can this grill get? I’m interested in purchasing a medium size grill for searing steaks and to do a proper sear you need at least 500F.

024DJF says:

Love the honesty.

SK4869 says:

looks really nice until you start using it. you not need to buy a massive BBQ these ones will do the same job. thanks for sharing. happy weekend 🙂

Dong Man says:

Is the 200 and 240 grilling surface area the same?

KryptonianTeacher says:

Thanks for the video, received this as a gift and I probably won’t crank it out until the summer time. I appreciate being able to see it in action.

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