Climb Cart Review: A Stair-Climbing Cart?

Climb Cart is a six-wheel stair-climbing cart. Here is my review, as I test it out in several scenarios depicted in the advertising. Overall, I think it’s a good product, although heavy items still require some work going up a flight of stairs.

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Shadowisrusty says:

MOST as seen on TV products are literal cancer. Especially stuff like this. Like, WHO INVENTS THIS??
(no hate to the inventor, it’s helpful to older people I guess)

L.A Bailey says:

happy Fourth of July I came across your video I have a small question if you are going up carpeted stairs from the basement to the first floor does it work well can you tell me if you’ve done that thanks a lot Laura

Tony Hyun says:

Thanks for the test. Would have been nice if tested with 2 case of water = to 60lbs since the max is 75lbs.

Joshua Li says:

This has existed in china since the 1980’s

Dan M says:

Thank you for the detailed, objective review much appreciated!

tarshun says:

Thanks for this review and others as well!

Erotic Encounter says:

He is so sexy! Love his shaved head. He has pretty teeth and nice hands. The CART sucks!!!

Draco Fenix says:

I dont know in USA. But in Spain granmas have been using that kind of carts for years.

Myriam Lopez says:

Test it on sand

Quentin 33 says:

Ah but does it go through snow and slush?

Cheryl Holliday says:

You’re doing god’s work, man.

Christian623789 says:

This dude looks like AJ styles bald

Skesmond says:

Fidget Climber

Thejonez says:

u r a great no drama reviewer. I hate drama. I like you. I will be back…

Janice Hart says:

Thanks for the review. I live alone on a second floor unit and I think this will make grocery shopping so much easier for me. I guess a trip to bed bath and beyond is in my future.

G Washington says:

I just saw commercial on TV and came to YouTube hoping to find a review. Your review is great. You covered all the concerns I had. I didn’t know I can also go to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy the Climb Cart verses waiting for a delivery order. Thank you for your review.

Beryl Degraff says:

Your review was spot-on. It is great for going up stairs, not so much for going down stairs. Platform is smaller than I would like. Tried using it to get a 40 lb. bag of water softening salt down to the basement from my car. I did use the bungee cord, but my error might have been leaving the bag in the upright position. No problem going up the 3 steps to enter the house. However, I was not able to hold onto it to go down the stairs to the basement. The cart with the bag of salt practically flew down the stairs without me. Fortunately, the salt bag did not open and climb cart was not damaged. Will try laying the salt bag horizontal next time to see if that helps.

JYoSieFuS says:

It’s a nice concept, but it would honestly be easier to just pick up the water bottles and walk up the stairs. I suppose in some scenarios, it could be useful, though.

Cosmo John says:

Does it really work?

FattyWnnaCookie says:

Where can I get that XL fidget spinner

Billey Vue says:

Its just a cart with fidget spinners for wheels

Amy Cairo says:

Thanks for this! I just subscribed since I like how thorough you are without a lot of chitchat. I just purchased this product (before watching your video), but have sent the link to my sister to see if she wants one too. Keep up the good work! ☺

The Ringles says:

Nice review. I have a pair of the same Nike shoes too!

Sangeeta Sinha says:

Nice review..good for ppl B4 they purchase…good job

Lightning games and more says:

The wheels look like fidget spinners

David Roy says:

How tall are you? It looked like you had to bend to the side when going up the stairs. how about when walking on level ground? I have a bad back and this might be helpful if I don’t have to crouch to pull it along. I assume the handlebar is not adjustable?

joe Recto says:

I immediately thought of the Landmaster vehicle from the movie
“Damnation Alley” .

chen sen han says:

last time i had sex was 2 monts ago. when i visited hollywood, the lady with the tongue piercing charged me $25 for a 2min blowjob. i cummed in her mouth real good, but she spit it out. she said $200 for a swallow!!! fuck that shit

Cuppy Pasquale says:

is it me or does the wheels looks like fidget spinners? As for the up to 100lb deal, thats not much when moving things upstairs 🙁

BrownSugarMimi says:

Having reached my mid 60″s, along with back & respiratory issues, a trip to Publix was a dreaded event. I bought 2 for $59 on the companies website. I like to have a backup for the items I rely on to help me in a pinch…lol. Thanks so much for a great review. I’m subscribing.

plumber p says:

Great reviews…you should do one on led back lighting…for tv

collegebandi says:

only watched this video so far, but it was great! 🙂 thank you. i’ve subscribed, can’t wait to watch more.

dawn heistand says:

Have  ordered  one  from  a  television   commercial    but   have  not   received  it   yet  !   good  review  !  Thanks

Paul Callas says:

Nice review again.  Thank you.

michaela07201 says:

Hello Freakin’ Reviews, I’m a new subscriber and I have to say this is a really good review. Thanks for sharing.

Kali Herrera says:

Was this shot at mission park?

Rich Wendling says:

Try the grocery test going up 3 flights of stairs.  That’s what my 79 year old mother has to do to reach her 3rd fl. condo.

Coryn May says:

i noticed that it seems very well made.i think i need this. hopefully they carry it in Canada.

ninety9chiquitaz says:

Can You Try With Groceries Again But With A Flight Of 15 Steps Of Stair?

LV Streeter says:

Another great video James thanks

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