Camp Chef PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill Smoker

This video is all about the Camp Chef PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill Smoker, I have been using it for over 1yr and had great experience with it. I most use it for my 2nd channel sous vide everything now. All the food you have seen on this video is from sous vide everyrhing. What I do is smoke it for that amazing flavor then finish it with sous vide.

Keep in mind by using it with sous vide, a bag of pellet lasts me a very long time as I am not using the smoker to cook the food but just to season the food. This does not mean it does not cook the food, it does a fantastic job, but for me the combination of seasoning with the smoker and finishing with sous vide is as good as it gets!

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Steak Cast Iron Plates:
Meat Thermometer:
Tongs Tweezers:
Fire Starter:
Pepper Grinder:
Round Elevated Grate:
Main Knife:
Smoke Gun:
Smoke Dome:
Wood Pellets:
Charcoal Grill:
Cast Iron Griddle Round:
Heat Resistant Glove:
Cutting & Serving Board:
Food Grade Gloves:
Otto Grill:

Main Camera:
2nd Camera:
Slow Motion Camera:
Pocket Drone:
Main Lens:
Zoom Lens:
Large Travel Camera:
Tripod & Fluid Head:
Voice Over Mic:
Acoustic Isolation:

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ejceles says:

Can you show us how the cart is made?

Doug6714 says:

My wife got me a camp chef smokepro last year for Christmas and I love it. Do you have plans for that cart you made, it is awesome? Keep Smoking!

Keith says:

Guga, does the heat affect the cart you built? I would be concerned about leaving that overnight.

Cookie Monsta says:

What brand pellets do you run?

Rocketman1882 says:

I don’t think I can recommend the Rec Tec after owning it for a few years. The paint has chipped away, it’s had some serious maintenance issues (replacing the auger assembly), and it is seriously tricky moving around if there is any mass in the hopper (very off-balanced). That said, it does hold temps well and it has a lot of surface area for long big cooks. Not much smoke flavor compared to a wood fire in a kettle though.

Shane Armstrong says:

Like others have said, I’d really like to see your plans for that cart, or at least a detailed walkaround. Thanks!

cmattia09 says:

Can we get some details on the construction of the cart? Loved the idea

C0lombia says:

oh wow iam watching all your sous vide videos since I don’t know ever and it took me so long to realize your 2. account great vid the ribs looked amazing!

David Light says:

At $450 that is a GREAT smoker
Our competition cookers run us $2K each and have to be tended every 4 to 6 hours so no hassle free overnight cooks for us
I know there is the issue of electric not be approved for certain BBQ competition circuits but who cares when the goal is dinner 🙂
Now if I buy one how do I get the cart because you are right the stock one is crappy. Your 2×4 cart is “awesome”
Keep in keeping on my brother the ribs look fantastic
Dr. Dave (pitmaster Light It Up BBQ)

Mike Cianfrocco says:

I have the woodwind, its great!
Lets see some ribs on yours. Give me some ideas

Justin Morgan says:

I came for the cart, and I’ll stick around for the food videos. Please show us more of that cart! How does the drain system fit in there? How do you get to the ash dump?

alerma1 says:

Hi Guga. I love both channels. Longtime subscriber. I am getting my Camp Chef next week and I was already looking at making a custom cart like you did. Any tips? I only see the front of your cart but I was wondering how you clean the ash? Did you leave some room to access it? Again thanks for your time.

Thao Doan says:

I’d like to get one of these in Australia

jfettlol says:

ha, the go to guy for sous vide videos, ends up having the same smoker as me as well. awesome.

Hoss1492 says:

OK Mr. G – You have a gazillion requests regarding the cart. “labor of love” implies a lot of work BUT if you don’t have plans please do a short video of all sides with some posted dimensions. Also some folks asked what pellet brand and or flavor you prefer.

Jeff Persson says:

Guga! Good to see some new vids on the channel. I love my pellet smoker, a Cookshack PG500, but man I wish these things had more room. My main cook grate is 18×18 so 4in shorter than yours, so I’ve been shopping around for something that can do a packer brisket and a couple butts at the same time. Looking at Yoder and Blaz’n Grills now. Any experience with either of them?

Keep the BBQ vids coming too. Love them and the stuff on SVE.

Marcelo Rivera says:

I completely agree, I bought a Camp Chef last Father’s Day because of your channel. Best pellet grill for the money. Traeger is over priced for what you get. The best cook I’ve done so far was a quartered 24lb turkey that I smoked on low for ~4 hours, sous vide for 24hrs and finished on a charcoal grill. Best Thanksgiving meal ever, it was AMAZING! I love your videos, keep up the great work. They keep getting better and better.

Jerry Beach says:

I love my PG24. I’d love it more if someone did a build video for that amazing cart!

Carsten Gruettner says:

I just received mine. Now your cart….Awesome. Please share your cart design.

The Green Man says:

Great video! One showed up at my house today without my knowledge so I guess my wife ordered in for my Birthday. I am glad to see how well it cooks and the amount of features it has. I also like your cart and can see a summer time build party for my brothers and myself.

Doctor Wells says:

Que delícia !!

Matt G says:

Return of The Guga! Welcome back bro.

John Kelley says:

Have a Camp Chef in the mail, arriving any day. Got an idea, draw up plans for the cart. I’ll buy!

psykofaty says:

Hey I have watched all your videos on your other channel. Where did you get the plans for that 2×4 smoker cart? You do a good job on your videos. Thanks for the hard work you put into them.

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