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Bull 75,000 BTU Barbeque on Amazon: http://amzn.to/147eNLK

This Bull barbecue is an awesome addition to any backyard. When I got mine I was looking for a nice high quality gas grill that I could put outside that would hold up against the weather. Being that this BBQ is stainless steel it has no problem resisting the elements. One simple cleaning with some stainless steel spray on the outside will make this grill look like new even after sitting in the sun and rain for months. As for the inside like I mentioned in the video I use high heat, wire bbq brush, and some water in a spray bottle to clean it up. If I have extra time I will get out my air powdered wire brush and clean the entire inside. I normally do this every 6-8 months. This bull bbq gas grill is by far the best grill I have ever owned. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. Happy barbecuing!


Maria Weeks says:

We are considering purchasing the bull urban island 4 burner 60,000btu w 15,000btu side burner. We need a free standing natural gas model.  We grill a lot! Pizzas are one of our specialties, which means VERY high heat.  Our last grill (BBQS galore turbo) the knobs melted and the heat is uneven now.  It also has what looks like black paint peeling from the inside of the hood. We have had the grill for 5 years and take good care of it.  Time to get a new one.  2 questions.  Do the knobs have plastic connecting them to the metal control? or are they zinc?  Is the inside of the hood high gauge stainless steel?

CheapBarbecueBrah says:


CheapBarbecueBrah says:

Thank you

CheapBarbecueBrah says:

Yeah it does. The only difference is the amount you can grill at one time. Personally I think 4 burners is the perfect size, but if you’re tight on space the 3 burner is a bit smaller.

CheapBarbecueBrah says:

The stainless steel grilling racks will have that nice stainless steel look after you clean them. It best to use power tools to get this done as it speed up the process

Ivory Shy says:

Do the grills look new when you clean them or are they black afterwards?

Ralph Waldschmidt says:

I really like this grill. Bull makes awesome products

Bernard McGhee says:

Great review thank you

Angle Peterson says:

looks good in your backyard

Meghan Petty says:

They have NG as well!

jethead760 says:

I purchased a Bullet four burner 30″ Natural gas Angus grill seven years ago from Home Depot when they were closing them out. Bullet is the same as the Bull grill except it comes with cast IRON burners vs Bull’s cast STAINLESS burners, everything else is the same.
This grill is top quality from looks to performance. Has been outdoors in the sun and rain and only partially shaded. The stainless steel has zero signs of rust or corrosion and cleans up like new every time. Grate, handles, panels, knobs, igniters and everything i can think of are very sturdy and haven’t failed at all. Only issue i have is the cast iron burners have many small holes that tend to clog up from rust scale, preventing an even flame, so i take them out once a year, and with a small drill bit I”ll clean out the holes. Cast Stainless Burners as in the Bull version should not have this problem. I may upgrade to the stainless burners some day but for now I’m good. Don’t hesitate on a Bull grill purchase. I am very satisfied and would purchase it again, without question, if it were to ever let me down.

Meghan Petty says:

Grills Direct has it cheaper!grillsdirect com item bull011

Frederick Beckman says:

My brother has this grill he loves it. Good review!

Mark Hershkowitz says:

where do you purchase parts and I don’t have my paper work so where do I find the model number

C Evans says:

Love Bull BBQs! My cousin happens to be the founder of Bull 🙂

imestbana says:

This is a very well made sturdy BBQ,everything is made of heavy duty stainless steel. I like the fact that it has lights inside, and looks to be easy to clean and replace parts. I read on another site that this was very slow to heat up. I couldn’t be further from the truth, this thing on high gets to 500 F in about 5 minutes full my reviews http://goo.gl/U1wgjP

Toms Toms says:

The 3 burner is called the Steer, and is a totally different product.  It’s only 24″ wide (vs. 30″), no rotisserie, no lights, tube burners with 1 year warranty (vs. stamped stainless burners with 20 year non prorated warranty).  You can spray it with oven cleaner, wait a couple of hours, then wipe it clean.  Easier on the grill (and hands) than a wire brush and high heat.  

CheapBarbecueBrah says:

no problem!

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