BBQ Cart / Station With A Concrete Top

I made this BBQ station for Robin. We do a lot of grilling during the summer. The base is 2×6 and the legs are 4×4. The top is concrete I formed to fit our Weber grill.

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Robin Jacobson says:

I love it! Thank you baby ❤

Alan Simpson says:

Great project Carl. I wish I could do a lot more BBQing but I live in Ireland and soon as I light one it starts to rain.

The Muz Shop says:

Concrete BBQ Station turned out awesome Carl . I’m sure that will get a lot of use. Thanks for share such a good idea.

VENKO wood says:

Good job

Brian Simmons says:

Is that a General 650 table saw I see under there?

James Hannan says:

This was definitely more of a “watch me do something” video vs a “here’s how to do something” video. I dunno. There are lots of good how-to videos out there for this but I don’t think I want to watch this kind of video.
Just my opinion

Angel Luis Trinidad says:


Zaco Cast says:

A Carl Jacobson and Matthais Wendel video all in one day?!?!

acujawa says:

Review for table complete

Kaged Creations says:

Looks great, It’s weird to see you away from the lathe

Josh Thomas says:

Great project Carl!

bluebarnworkshop says:

Thanks, now I want to build one.

Darbin Orvar says:

Came out great Carl, love the concrete top!

William Castleberry says:

I used to watch every video you put out, but I’m getting to the point of unsubscribing, and a lot of other video channels.  It seams that the more videos everyone makes, the more they think they are directors and think they have to have music in every video. The videos would be a lot better to return to the way you made them in the beginning, without the music. The narrations of the project was by far better than what you do with the music. I am a guitar / bass player /singer. And carpenter / woodworker of over 40 years. So when I want to watch a video on woodworking, I don’t want to listen to music

Glen mckelvey says:

Cool project . The top looks black . Did you color it with something . With the wind blowing in those silver locks you” bea” good model lol . Take care .

Robert Evans says:

Looks great Carl. And Robin that is one sweet bbq table. I need to remember that trick about the floor mat for the edges….

Royers Custom Wood Working says:

carl, enjoyed this build a lot! well done my friend.

jp woodwork says:

AWESOME Carl and Robin, CACAO!!!

ManCraftingTM says:

Cool setup. I would have loved seeing Robin using it at the end. Maybe a couple of Ribeye’s and a glass of wine.

Brian Prusa says:

Looks great! Hope it cools down out there soon!

Mike Cunningham says:

I like you steel tow safety sandels

Templeboy Turnings says:

That came out Awesome Carl !! Nice job man.
Did you have to sand the top down after it set? Or did it dry up smooth ?

I’m sure the boss is very happy with it 🙂

Happy BBQing !!

robrjohnson says:

Nice work Carl! My wife and I did concrete countertops in our house as well. We had no experience with concrete so we flew up to San Francisco to take a Buddy Rhodes 3-day countertop course. Even with the travel and the cost of the class for both of us, it was cheaper than buying a countertop from Home Depot plus now we have the skill to take on these kinds of projects. They walk you through the process from start to finish. In the class, we even did work on a GFRC countertop which produced a glass like finish. For anyone who is interested in a concrete countertop but has no experience with concrete, it’s a great intro to the process. One product we used on our kitchen was Z-Counterform edge molds. They’re for pour-in-place countertops for making nice decorative edges (ogee, bullnose, 1/2 bullnose, etc). It’s a plastic edge mold that gets attached to the base before you pour and just snaps off when it’s hardened.

Carl Jacobson says:

I made this BBQ station for Robin. We do a lot of grilling during the summer. The base is 2×6 and the legs are 4×4. The top is concrete I formed to fit our Weber grill.

Will Ford says:

We didn’t get to see the finished top and cart properly!

OG Timbercraft says:

Awesome cart, I dig that counter top. Thumbs up Carl.

Paul Lockwood says:

Great project Carl, nice to see Robin in there too.
I just have one problem with the description, I thought the BBQ was always left to the man to cook! 😉
Certainly wouldn’t get my wife near one.
Well done!

Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY says:

Looks great man happy wife happy life and happy barbecuing LOL

Minyong Kim says:

Great Job, so where is the BBQ? let me taste for it. ^^

Bram the Wadesmill woodturner says:

A great and interesting project Carl, Have just got into BBQ’ing , I bought a smoker/grill a couple of months back and haven’t looked back.
Have you tried the new station out out yet Carl? ……………Ah do i detect ribs on the go ????? 🙂
Nice one mate , Cheers, Bram

Frank Ingram says:

Looked great Carl but tell me how long did you wait before removing the concrete form?
God Bless my friend.

Mike Waldt says:

A very impressive BBQ cart Carl. I bet Robin is well pleased.

Dror Sofer says:

Looks great. Did you add metal rods to the concrete so it wont crack?

Jackman Works says:

7:35 nice Carolinas Carl! hahaha

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